Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Where it all Started


Where it all Started…..In 2009 I went home to visit Utah and I couldn't help but notice many of the women had these amazing eyelashes!  Their eyes would just POP.  I started asking around and found out about semi-permanent eyelash extensions.  I decided to try a set for myself and was hooked at the first look in the mirror.  The girl who performed my service said she was a trainer and could train me while I was in town if it worked with my schedule.  I took her class and came back to Indy with determination to lash everyone I knew.  I practiced like crazy and feel in love with the art of eyelash extensions.  No two eyes are the same and I get to be artistic with each and every person I touch.  I worked very hard for 1 year and went back to Utah to get my trainers certification.  I have been doing lashes since 2009 and love every minute of it.  I meet new people  all of the time.  My clients have become my family-I love them all.  I hope to put lashes on many more people as this is becoming a bigger trend every day.
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